Exclusive Private Boat

Looking for something extraordinary? Here’s the perfect option for you! Hen night or Bachelor’s Party? Something you will never forget!

From 16,7 euro / person. For detailed info, read below!


The prices that are charged for the events, no exception to the rule, include the following: boat rental, fuel costs, accident insurance, a staff of two, embarkation and disembarkation at the ports of Petőfi tér or Batthány tér ⃰, food and drink plus VAT.

If you’re unable to choose an event to suit your taste, please, get in touch with us and no matter whether you specifically know what you want or not, we’ll help you put the just the perfect trip together.

While travelling with us, please, feel free to consume as many items of your choice as you like from the Dry Martini’s bar as long as you pay the prices featured on the wine list.
If you use another port, we’ll charge you an embarkation fee of HUF 1000 per port.


Dry MartiniDry Martini (the basic event): is a one-hour boat trip on the River Danube in Budapest with a glass of Dy Martini on getting aboard and seeeing the sights of the city such as Buda Castle, the Parliament, Margaret Island, the Castle Bazaar, all the bridges spanning the river Dabnube, the Gellért Hotel, Gellért Spa, the Citadel or any other sights you want to see, viewed from the river, all that with simultaneous music, enticing light effects, and, of course, drinks at the bar.
Price: EUR 200
Dry Martini: 1/3 dry gin, 1/3 dry martini and olives


Mimosa: Sunrise over the Danube, a one-hour event with a French breakfast of champagne, orange juice, a cup of espresso or café au lait, a croissant, fresh fruits and, needless to say, a lot of things to see and good music to listen to. It’s just the right event to suit your morning schedule that can only be booked until 11. a.m..

Price: EUR 200 plus EUR 10 per person
Mimosa: ½ champagne, ½ orange juice and grenadine syrup


Apero(l) Spritz: An early-evening, fun-raising before-party event. A one-hour boat trip under Budapest’s wonderful bridges to include excellent music, caviar with crushed ice, fresh baguette and a glass of ice-cold aperol spritz.
Price: EUR 200 plus EUR 5 per person
Aperol Spritz: 3/6 prosecco, 2/6 aperol, 1/6 seltzer and orange


Studio 54: A DISCO sphere, and the best funky music of the 1970s, all that to be accompanied by Dry Martini’s comfortable deck, delicious cocktails, light effects pleasing to the eye and a breathtaking panorama. For as brief as one hour, we’ll bring back the memories and atmosphere of New York City’s legendary disco club. Quite regrettably, Andy Warhol won’t be able to make it to our event but Mick Jagger may have a glass of booze with us. A one-hour event that includes a double cocktail and an extra DISCO sphere.
Price: EUR 200 plus EUR 5 per person.
Studio 54: 3 cl gin, 3 cl midori (honeydew melon liquor) and tonic

And so on.. Contact the info@thehive.hu for booking! The event has to be booked in advance!


Type: Pontoon Boat
Production year: 2015
First time on water: 2016 April/Budapest
Deck length: 8 m
Width: 2.6 m
Capacity: 12 passangers
Engine: Suzuki külmotor 250 le
Maximum speed: 70 km/h /depending on the number of passengers/
Music: JENSEN premium soundsystem with 8 speakers
Bar: full bar with 4 seats, a fridge and cocktails