Hostel policy


The following policy needs to be respected by every guest.

Not having knowledge of the The Hive Party Hostel policies is not exempt from the possible sanctions.

The hostel is supervised by the receptionists and if someone or a group of guests is not respecting the policies immediate check out will take place. In this case we will not refund any prepaid money.

Any damages caused by any of the guests will need to be paid for. Please treat everything as if it were your own.

Please keep your belongings in your locker. The Hive Party Hostel is not responsible for any case of loss, damage or theft. Valued articles should always be stored in the safety deposit boxes at the reception; we only take responsibility for things stored there.

The reception and common areas are under video surveillance for your own safety.

Tempering with the AC, smoke detectors or the sirens will mean immediate dismissal from the premises (we do take your safety very seriously). If you need any help with the AC unit, please let us know, we are here to help.

Please be considerate to others, don’t be loud in the rooms or hallways. For this, we have an entire bar downstairs.

Please respect fellow guests and staff. Our hostel is non-smoking, please do not smoke on the corridors! You can only smoke in the bar or the rooftop area.

The rooftop area is clearly marked by the railings and the roof itself. Anyone being on the roof itself, or throwing anything over the railings on either floors, or the rooftop area means immediate removal from the hostel.

Guests are welcome to use the kitchen, (Reception’s floor) but they need to clean up after themselves. When placing food in the fridge, please write your name and your check-out date on it. You can find stickers and pens in the kitchen or ask for it at the reception. Our staff will throw out every food which does not have these details.

If you wish to extend your stay you can do so if there is availability, but you have to pay for that in advance, too.

Guests of the hostel cannot take their own drinks down to the bar or up to the rooftop bar. Only drinks purchased there can be consumed at the bar. If you brought your own drink, you are more than welcome to use the kitchen to consume it.

If you notice anything not working or broken, please inform the staff as soon as possible. The sooner we know the faster we can fix it.

If you need additional cleaning in your room, please let us know!

Check-out time is until 12 PM. By that time you have to empty the locker, please make sure that the locker is OPEN when you leave the room. Of course you can check-out earlier if you want to. Please kindly note, that we will not refund the key deposit in case of late check-out.

You can rent TOWELS for a 3€ or 800 HUF deposit and after returning the towel to the reception the hostel gives 2€ or 500 HUF back. We keep 1€ or 300 HUF for the cleaning only. You can also hire a HAIRDRYER for a 5€/2000 HUF deposit.

Deposits are refundable if all keys and towels are returned to the reception. Please kindly note, that we will not refund the key deposit in case of late check-out.

There is maximum security with smartcard access for the front door, the elevator, your room and your locker. If the guest looses his/her key we cannot pay the deposit back. The key-card cannot be lent or given to another guest under any circumstance. If the key-card is lost, it needs to be reported at the reception as soon as possible. For any damage/loss occurring in rooms where the key-card is lost and has not been reported to the reception all responsibility lies with the person failing to report the loss of the card.

Any guest(s) who, in the opinion of our staff, compromise the comfort, safety or security of other guests or staff will be asked to leave the hostel and will not be offered a refund.

We do not allow any type of weapon or drugs to be brought in the hostel. If this is brought to the attention of the front desk, we are bound by law to inform the police.

It is forbidden to bring or keep any animals inside the Hostel.
Please keep in mind that these policies are there to keep you safe during your stay!
After check-out we can store your luggage for free as long as we have space in the luggage areas. Please kindly note that the hostel does not take responsibility for any loss or damages for items left in the luggage area.

If you are not satisfied with something please come

to the reception and let us know, but

If you are satisfied with everything, please let everyone know!